Craft Beer

>> Bringing Beer to the people since 2000.

Polka Dot Liquor has always focused on making enjoyable, high quality beverages available to the people of Tasmania.  

Let us conduct the important research: Beer! The growing Australian Craft Beer Industry makes this quite the job. We source great tasting beers from our industry friends all over the country and ship in some select brands internationally as well.


Polka Dot provides unique opportunities for breweries, distilleries and other beverage producers to be represented in Tasmania:

Cold Chain Distribution and Storage

Ensuring all packaged and keg stock arrives at optimum condition

Sales Representation

Our brands are being passionately represented across the state either in collaboration with or under instruction by the supplier

The Personal Touch

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service: unlike large scale distributors, our small team works hard to go the extra mile

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Our trucks and couriers reach hospitality businesses all across Tasmania, including rural areas


>> Meet the Locals.

Tasmanians are proud of what they produce! And our island community is conscious of what they consume!
So are we… Polka Dot Liquor supports local Tasmanian Brands and distributes them to bars and restaurants across the state.

Local Suppliers


>> Wholesale Partnerships, Brand Redistribution and more.

The Australian liquor industry booms with a variety of offerings from international and local brands. However, many suppliers like to forget about our little island state in the south. Polka Dot Liquor has fostered long-term partnerships with established wholesalers and trade distributors from Mainland Australia and beyond. We see it as a way of giving back to the Tasmanian hospitality community.

Other Brands

If your company is interested in joining our portfolio:

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